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Purdue: 'We Want Matt Painter To Remain A Boilermaker'

Purdue has made its pitch and it sound convincing. According to the Purdue Rivals site, assistant AD Tom Schott said school officials made their pitch to keep head coach Matt Painter, who is meeting with the Missouri Tigers on Tuesday.

"Last night, the Board of Trustees, President (France) Cord?and Morgan Burke clearly demonstrated Purdue University's commitment to him and our men's basketball program. We were proactive and though we will not go into details at this time, we have encouraged Matt to stay through our words and action."

So through their action, what can they do to try to keep him? An easy guess is more money and/or years on his contract. That's what way to demonstrate commitment but who knows what they're specifically talking about. 

According to reports, Painter wanted to meet with Mizzou to determine their commitment to the basketball program. If Mizzou can show they're fully committed, and offer a contract that shows that, Painter will have a difficult decision on his hand. Those at Missouri feel Mizzou is a better job and those at Purdue feel the Boilermakers offer the bette opportunity.

The meeting between Painter and Mizzou will reportedly occur on Tuesday. It's believed Mizzou wants to wrap up their head coach search before the Final Four this weekend.

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