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Matt Painter Hasn't Made Decision On Missouri, Purdue

Though the speculation is out there Matt Painter has yet to make a decision on his future, according to the Indianapolis Star. Missouri Tigers officials are reportedly meeting with Painter on Tuesday and he's expected to decide sometime this week if he'll make the jump to Mizzou or stay with Purdue.

Reports have said Mizzou wants to make a decision on its coach before the Final Four, which is this weekend. I'd be curious if they've given him any sort of deadline on making a decision. Some reports say a decision one way or the other is expected by Wednesday.

Missouri's biggest advantage might be money. Purdue officials sent out a press release indicating they're confirmed their commitment Painter which suggests a pay raise but that hasn't been confirmed. Missouri was offering Mike Anderson a deal worth $2 million annually so Mizzou may be able to make the same offer to Painter.

That said, former Purdue coach Gene Keady said this week that it wasn't all about money with Painter. There are other things, like a successful future of the program, which have to be there as well.

The way this story has gone, and the Mike Anderson story last week, we can expect to hear several more reports saying he's taken the job, and then several more after that saying he hasn't made a decision yet. It's been that kind of story.

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