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Could Donovan McNabb Affect Blaine Gabbert's 2011 NFL Draft Status?

The 2011 NFL draft is now less than two months away and we still have no clue how the top of the draft will go. That's not unusual for this time of year but usually we have some idea of the players at the top of the draft. This year, though, there are lots of varying opinions.

Former Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert could just as easily go No. 1 in the draft as he could fall to the Vikings at No. 12. One scenario, though, could affect Gabbert's status.

What if one of the teams at the top of the draft, like the Cardinals for example, make a trade for a veteran quarterback, like Donovan McNabb? That's the point CBS Sports' Pete Prisco brings up in his latest 2011 NFL mock draft, where Gabbert heads to the Cardinals:

They are in need of a franchise passer. If they don't get a vet -- think Donovan McNabb -- they might grab Gabbert here.

Of course, no trades can happen until the NFL owners and players come to an agreement on a new labor deal. But if they do get a deal done, and trades are allowed again, I'd keep an eye on one of the top 10 teams in the draft making a move for a veteran quarterback. That could have a negative impact on Gabbert's draft status.