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2011 NFL Draft: Aldon Smith To Patriots Would Be Interesting

We've been looking at mock drafts around the web the last few days and I found one 2011 NFL mock draft that comes up with an interesting landing spot for Missouri Tigers DE Aldon Smith -- New England. Indeed, the Patriots need pass rush help and Smith could potentially fill that void.

Here's what CBS Sports' Pete Prisco said when mocking Smith to the Pats:

The pass rush has to improve from the outside and this kid can move from defensive end or rush outside linebacker in the Patriots' scheme.

Can he make that transition? I think most feel that he can but it's still a crap shoot because it's a different position. That said, if anyone can help him make that transition, it'd be Bill Belichick and the Patriots. This would, in my mind, be the best possible destination for Smith.

The Patriots understand how to develop players, which would help him, and he'd be walking into a situation with an immediate winner.