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Matt Painter's Missouri Decision Coming Today

Purdue head coach Matt Painter spent Tuesday meeting with Missouri officials as they court him to be the Tigers next head coach. Of course, with plenty of success at Purdue the Boilermaker faithful is hoping that's not the case.

Each side has made its pitch. Mizzou, meeting with Painter on Tuesday and, Purdue, reportedly upping his contract to over $2 million per year. The Tigers could potentially top that though it's not clear where they stand financially.

Mizzou AD Mike Alden requested that Painter make a decision by noon on Wednesday so we should be hearing something soon. The Tigers want to wrap up their coaching search before the Final Four and at this point it appears Painter has been the top, if not only candidate so they're banking on him saying yet.

Though it's not exactly the same, it's similar to the situation with Mike Anderson last week. Anderson left Mizzou fans hanging for a couple days while he was courted by Arkansas. Painter is doing the same for now but, according to many reports, he will return to Purdue to talk to his team first if he decides to take the job (Anderson apparently tried to do the same thing before word got out).

There have been credible reports that Painter is leaning toward Missouri (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) but we'll know for sure by today.