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If Matt Painter Stays At Purdue, Missouri Will Be Waiting Again

According to reports, Matt Painter is going to make his decision between Missouri and Purdue at some point on Wednesday. The last several days Missouri fans have been focused on Painter and no one else for the open head coaching position.

Mizzou wants to find a head coach before the Final Four but, if Painter isn't the man in Columbia, there are a couple of big questions.

First, who's the next candidate on the list? I'm not even sure and, frankly, haven't even thought about it. Painter's name came up quickly after the Mike Anderson saga and he's clearly been the No. 1 candidate. I'm not sure I've even mentioned the No. 2 candidate. We would have some work to do if Painter says no.

Second, if Painter says no, when will the next head coach be hired? Surely it would come after the Final Four. Maybe Mizzou doesn't even know who the No. 2 candidate is so it's possible they'd have to identify a new candidate and then pursue him. Though the Final Four is a coaching convention of sorts, it's hard to see how something like that could be wrapped up before the middle of next week, if not later.

It's exhausting for school officials, fans and even reporters to go through the search for a new coach so, for that reason, I hope Painter is the pick. He's also the best and, as of now, only, candidate.