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Matt Painter To Missouri Looking Great

Nothing is official but it's looking good for Missouri Tigers fans right now. Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a source he "greatly trusts" tells him Painter is leaving Purdue and headed to Mizzou. He cautions, though, that nothing is official at this point.

Still, it's looking good and some of the other reporters on this are starting to hint that Mizzou is the front-runner. If it is indeed done -- Miklasz says it's his understanding that AD Mike Alden got the call a little while ago -- then we should have some sort of official announcement soon.

Mizzou wanted to find their next head coach before the Final Four and it appears they've done that. This is a solid hire for Missouri and there are a lot of reasons to think Painter will be successful. 

What I found interesting is that, as Gene Keady said this week, it wasn't all about the money with him. He feels there needs to be the opportunity for a championship. That he appears to have picked Mizzou is a good sign for their future. 

We'll be back soon if/when the official confirmation comes so check out Rock M Nation in the meantime.