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Matt Painter To Missouri Not Done Yet

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports put it perfectly: "The man reporting Painter to Mizzou is done is a good reporter. So is the man who is reporting it's not. That's how this story is gonna go."

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote shortly ago that, while it's not official yet, it's looking for Matt Painter leaving Purdue and heading to Missouri. He wrote that he heard that Mizzou AD Mike Alden had already gotten the call.

Not so fast. Jeff Rabjohns of the Indy Star says it's not a done deal yet.

At this hour, Matt Painter has not called either Missouri or Purdue with a decision, sources confirmed.

So someone connected to Miklasz obviously feels it's going to happen or else he wouldn't have written that. This is turning into another he-said, she-said type of story. The problem this time is that, as Parrish said, these are two reliable reporters.

So...we wait once again.

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