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Missouri Says Matt Painter Hasn't Told Them He's Coming

Earlier on Wednesday there was a report that things were looking great for Missouri on the Matt Painter front and that he had actually told Mizzou AD Mike Alden that he was leaving Purdue and coming to the Tigers. A Mizzou official has now gone on the record to Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star to say that is not the case. The report that he has told Alden he's coming is jumping the gun.

Alden reportedly requested a decision by noon today but that apparently hasn't happened. Various reporters have said Painter would go back to Purdue to tell his staff and players before any of the news came out (at least that's the plan to avoid a Mike Anderson situation).

So right now we're waiting...again. 

If Painter had told Purdue he was staying, the school would have made that public by this point so it's clear he's still in the process of determining what he wants to do. The longer it goes, the better for Mizzou, right? That's what I'd think.

Painter has apparently done his homework on Mizzou so, if he is coming to Columbia, he will be making an informed decision. We'll see what he decides.

In the meantime, check out Rock M Nation for more on Mizzou's coaching search.