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More Conflicting Reports On Matt Painter To Missouri

Matt Painter is the new Missouri Tigers head coach.

Unless he isn't.

We're still not sure what's going on. Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported that Painter has told Mizzou he's leaving Purdue to come to Columbia. KOMU in Columbia has also reported that the deal is done and that Painter was telling the Purdue players that evening. In other words, lots of people are saying Painter is coming to Missouri.

That said, other reports, including FOX 59 Sports, say a deal is not done. Here's what FOX 59 said:

But, not so fast, a source close to Fox 59 says Painter will be staying put in West Lafayette. No official word from the Purdue athletic department who confirmed earlier this afternoon that the university hasn't heard from Painter's camp. There are rumblings of a team meeting scheduled for this evening, but Athletic Director Morgan Burke is unaware of any possible meeting between Painter and the Boilermakers. 

So basically we're not sure what's going on. It appears the momentum is heading toward Painter coming to Mizzou but there hasn't been an official word from anyone.

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