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Matt Painter Staying At Purdue, According To ESPN, FOX And CBS

I noticed about a half hour ago that FOX 59 in West Lafayette had reported that a source had told them Matt Painter would be staying at Purdue and not heading to Missouri despite a St. Louis Post-Dispatch report that Painter had told Mizzou AD Mike Alden that he had accepted the Tigers job offer.

I didn't think much of it but then a few of the big boys joined in on reporting Painter would be staying at Purdue including Andy Katz of Now Jeff Goodman of, citing multiple sources, also reports Painter is staying at Purdue. Gary Parrish of CBS Sports also reports he's staying.

As always, remember that nothing is official. The way this story has gone, we'll hear several more "Yes he's going" and "No he's not" before we get to the end.

But, if he is staying at Purdue, I'm surprised here. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch report came out a couple hours ago and then Eric Blumberg of KOMU in Columbia reported this via Twitter:

Source says 100% it's going to happen. Painter meets w PU players tonight. Mizzou will announce Painter as it's basketball coach.

Clearly there was some miscommunication going on, if indeed he stays at Purdue. If both Miklasz and Blumberg had sources telling them the deal was done then I imagine someone connected to Missouri thought, at least at one point, that Painter would be headed to Missouri.

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