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Kansas Expects A Tough Game From Mizzou In Columbia

Kansas holds an overall 170-94 series record against the Missouri Tigers, but that sizable lead diminishes a great deal when looking strictly at games in Columbia. 

At home against the Jayhawks the Tigers trail in the overall series by just 11 games with the tally currently sitting at 64-53.  Bill Self understands exactly what type of hostile environment his team will be facing on Saturday and the difficulty in coming away with a win on the Tigers homecourt.

"It's Missouri. It's the rivalry more than anything else. We could play shirts and skins with nobody in the stands, and I think our guys would be excited to play."

"We've only played one road game since Kansas State, and that was Oklahoma. That was a game where we made shots early, so we didn't feel the pressure in that particular game. We're going to feel some pressure Saturday, so we need to have a tight huddle and really talk about why we didn't succeed in Manhattan to make sure our mindset is such that we have a better chance to succeed in Columbia."

Taking those lessons learned in the hostile environment in Manhattan is something that will be easier said than done for the Jayhawks.  In all reality Mizzou arena will be a tougher environment than Bramlage and the Tigers are one of the most impressive home teams in the Big 12 this year.

That's something that isn't lost on the players either.  Markieff Morris is entering his third Border War contest in Columbia and he understands the stakes are raised in this one.

"Everybody plays with a chip on their shoulder at home and Kansas-Missouri is always going to be a big game. It's always tough to beat them there, and I think they are a very talented team who can score the ball very well."

Tyshawn Taylor echoed that sentiment and reiterated Bill Self's point that Kansas has to respond better than they did in Manhattan if they expect to compete in Columbia.

"It's Missouri, so it's definitely a rivalry game and they are going to play us tough. They are undefeated at home, so it's going to be a tough game. The last time we played a rival on the road, it didn't go too well. We have to come out and be better than when we were at Kansas State."

Saturday is the last day of the regular season for both teams.  The Jayhawks are looking to win the Big 12 outright and all but secure a top seed, Missouri is looking to swing momentum back in their favor after a loss to Nebraska, but this one always boils down to Kansas against Missouri and an opportunity to beat a rival.