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Arizona Cardinals Expected To Check Out QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri Tigers Pro Day

The Arizona Cardinals are prepping for the 2011 NFL draft and part of that process will include attending the Missouri Tigers pro day on March 17. The main attraction of course is QB Blaine Gabbert. He didn't throw at the 2011 NFL Combine so this will be a chance for pro scouts to check him out in action.

I'd imagine most if not all quarterback-needy teams in the top half of the first round will want to come see what he has to offer. One of those teams will be the Cardinals and the Bidwill family, who own the team, according to Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune.

Hearing that Arizona will have the full-court press on Gabbert's pro day next Thurs in Columbia. The Bidwills expected to be in the house.

Interesting stuff. The Cardinals pick fifth in the draft so they are absolutely in contention to draft Gabbert. Other teams ahead of the Cardinals who could select him include the Carolina Panthers with the first pick, Buffalo Bills with the third pick and Cincinnati Bengals with the fourth pick. All three of those teams could conceivably take a quarterback. 

If the owners are stopping by, there's some interest there. We've heard of smoke screens but I don't think the Cardinals would be fooling anyone if they said Gabbert wasn't one of their potential picks.