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Blaine Gabbert Overwhelming Favorite To Go No. 1 In USA Today NFL Mock Draft

With four in-house sports writers partnering with two others from, USA Today has released it’s first of three planned NFL Mock Drafts this morning and Blaine Gabbert is the overwhelming favorite to head to the Carolina Panthers with the first overall selection. The Missouri quarterback has held that position in other circles, but this definitely solidifies Gabbert’s status as the overall favorite heading into the late April weekend.

The Carolina Panthers are the first to choose in the draft and confidence was already low amid the front office that drafted current quarterback Jimmy Clausen in the first place. Views were mixed on him in last year’s draft, causing him to plummet to late in the second round. He’s only a year in, but the current regime has zero ties to him and it looks like they could flip him for at least one more draft choice in 2010, depending on the collective bargaining agreement.

The only writer to not choose Gabbert at the top of the draft was Jarrett Bell who stayed at the same position but went with Cam Newton. Newton and Gabbert are considered the top two at the most important position, so anything is possible. Bell also had the Cardinals grabbing Gabbert at No. 5, so either way, he’s still a top draft choice.