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NFL Draft 2011: Blaine Gabbert Won't Get Past Cincinnati Bengals?

Several weeks ago the majority of 2011 NFL mock drafts had Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert pegged as the top quarterback in the 2011 NFL draft. Many were predicting he'd land with the Carolina Panthers and the top overall pick. 

Lately, though, Gabbert's stock in the various mock drafts has been falling and we're not sure why. He's now widely considered the second best quarterback in the draft behind Auburn QB Cam Newton. 

But even if he isn't the top quarterback doesn't mean he won't be a top five pick. One of the more popular landing spots for Newton these days is the first pick with the Panthers. The second pick is the Denver Broncos and the third pick is the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo is a threat to take a quarterback, I think, but Cincinnati appears to be the most likely landing spot for Gabbert. Peter King of said on PFT Live this week that he firmly believes the Bengals will be taking Gabbert if he's there. 

The Bengals are dealing with QB Carson Palmer who reportedly threatened to retire if the Bengals wouldn't release or trade him. Many experts believe he is serious so they will need a quarterback of the future (and they'll need one soon).

Gabbert may be that man.