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2011 NFL Draft: Best Landing Spot For Blaine Gabbert Is...

i've been putting a lot of thought into figuring out what the best landing spot is for QB Blaine Gabbert. He could be drafted anywhere from the No. 1 overall pick by the Carolina Panthers to as low as No. 12 to the Minnesota Vikings. That's his window.

Realistically, though, I think his window is between the top pick (Panthers) and the fifth pick (Arizona Cardinals). The Cardinals have shown a lot of interest in him and, while it could be a smoke screen, it appears there's some legitimate interest there.

Of all those teams, I feel the Cardinals would be the best fit for Gabbert. He would immediately have a weapon in WR Larry Fitzgerald and some talent around him. It was only three years ago that the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl. I wouldn't want him with the Bengals they're traditionally a poor franchise and even with a franchise quarterback in QB Carson Palmer they weren't able to make much noise.

So in the top five I'd argue the Cardinals are the best spot for Gabbert.