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NFL Draft 2011: Is No. 1 Pick Out Of Reach For QB Blaine Gabbert?

QB Blaine Gabbert was being touted as a No. 1 overall pick last month before QB Cam Newton's resurgence as the best overall player in the 2011 NFL draft. 

Of course, that's just what the media says. Teams probably have had these guys graded for a while and there's not much rising and falling.

So can Gabbert move up to the top pick in the draft or is that out of reach?

Considering all the 2011 NFL mock drafts, what everyone is saying about Newton, and the Panthers apparent interest in Newton, I'm inclined to say it's out of reach. Newton has a higher ceiling, I think, although Gabbert's floor may be higher.

That said, Gabbert is in play from the second pick to the fifth pick. That logic would suggest that he's not too far off from potentially being the top overall pick. We've explained before that the Broncos, Bills, Bengals and Cardinals -- owners of picks 2-5 -- have reasons to take Gabbert. 

While I think the No. 1 overall pick is probably out of reach, I don't think he falls past the Cardinals at the fifth pick.