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NFL Draft 2011: No Easy Guess On Blaine Gabbert's Next Team

Who will pick QB Blaine Gabbert?

That's getting harder and harder to figure out. Previously I thought this was down to the Cincinnati Bengals with the fourth pick or the Arizona Cardinals with the fifth pick. Now there are some smart folks predicting this will not happen. The Bengals could go with WR A.J. Green instead and the Cardinals could hit up the top corner in the draft CB Patrick Peterson.

In the last week, Gabbert has gone from a sure-fire top five pick to probably a top 10 pick, maybe a top 15 pick. It's been strange.

After the fifth pick, I could see him being picked up by the San Francisco 49ers with the seventh pick or Tennessee Titans with the eighth picks. I could also see the Washington Redskins taking him with the 10th pick.

I can't see him falling out of the top 10, though. He's a solid quarterback prospect and, because he has the intangibles, there will be some head coach along the way who believes he can develop him.

If Gabbert falls out of the top five, which I'm not convinced he will, I can see the 49ers selecting him and I think that would be a great spot for him.