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Blaine Gabbert Now Top Quarterback On NFL Draft Boards With Cam Newton Selection

With the selection of Cam Newton as the official No. 1 selection in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers, Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert now becomes the top rated quarterback on the board of every NFL expert and, assumedly, most NFL teams. This also means the fun begins for the intrigue of the draft.

The much rumored selection of Newton had a lot of drama surrounding it even a couple of weeks ago, but recently it was clear the Panthers had zeroed in on their guy. This leaves Denver and Buffalo sitting at possible trade slots if a team becomes intense in their search for a quarterback. Then again, a team like Buffalo can sit and take Gabbert for their own sake.

The Redskins and Vikings and Dolphins are all supposedly interested in getting a quarterback, and don’t forget teams with lower picks like the Seattle Seahawks or even the second-round Oakland Raiders. With several teams needing help at the most important position on the team, it won’t be a surprise if some team makes a move to grab Gabbert.