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Frank Haith Will Have Talent At Missouri To Compete Immediately

So everyone is reacting to the reported news that Miami's Frank Haith will be the next Missouri Tigers basketball coach. The hire is a surprise because he isn't one of the many names that have been floating around over the last few days since Matt Painter decided to stay at Purdue.

That's creating almost a sense of panic around Mizzou as they try to figure out why Mizzou AD Mike Alden targeted Haith. We know he is at least a decent recruited and coached at a school that, frankly, doesn't really care about basketball.

SB Nation's Big 12 Hoops has examined the hire and notes the first important step for Haith, when his contract is formally approved, is keeping the current roster intact.

Haith's first task is to keep the current roster together.  Missouri has a very strong team right now, and it's critical for his success (and his perception) to keep players from transferring or leaving early.  Justin Safford was the only senior with significant minutes, so most of Mizzou's critical pieces should still be in place.  This means Haith will inherit a deep, experienced team that has good leadership.  If he keeps everyone, I think Haith can do wonders for what looks to be a tough initial reception from Missouri fans very quickly.

That was the good part about the Mizzou job. There was experience on the roster which gives the incoming coach an opportunity to succeed quickly. That could create some momentum as the next coach can point to immediate success when recruiting.

We'll see how it all shakes out but a fast start for Haith in Columbia would do wonders for the perception surrounding this hire. 

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