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Blaine Gabbert Sliding Below Cam Newton In Several Mock Drafts

With the dearth of franchise quarterback talent in the NFL, the top quarterback prospect is usually the top drafted prospect in most NFL mock drafts. Therefore, Blaine Gabbert has enjoyed a strong consensus as the No. 1 overall choice for the Carolina Panthers in recent weeks. Things are beginning to change, however, for the talented Missouri quarterback.

Cam Newton has become the No. 1 choice in a couple of key mock drafts, coming on the heels of Mel Kiper discounting Gabbert’s high draft stock just days ago. Both Todd McShay of ESPN and The Sporting News posted recent mock drafts where Gabbert falls below Newton, who takes his place at the top spot in the draft for the Panthers.

Neither sportswriter has Gabbert falling far, so there’s not much to worry about in terms of an Aaron Rodgers style freefall. The Sporting News has Gabbert replacing Carson Palmer in Cincinnati with the No. 4 choice, while McShay has him one spot lower to the Cardinals, who should be looking for any signs of the life at the position after a miserable fall from their Super Bowl contending club.

It’s hard to tell who to believe at this point. Perhaps Gabbert’s stock was never that high and the front office spins of the last few weeks are finally giving way to truth. Or perhaps the tremendous love for Newton from some clubs is a fresh smokescreen to see right through. Three more weeks and we will know.