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Talking Mike Anderson With Arkansas Fans

The Missouri Tigers have their new head coach, Frank Haith, after losing Mike Anderson to Arkansas. The loss of Anderson is still a sensitive subject about Mizzou and some fans are still having trouble dealing with his departure.

Bill from Rock M Nation answered some questions for SB Nation's Arkansas blog, Arkansas Expats, and I thought he explained the feelings of many Mizzou fans pretty well:

Missouri fans aren't used to being ditched. The last time they lost a major head coach to another school was, coincidentally, when Frank Broyles left Columbia after the 1957 football season. That, combined with all of Anderson's "I want to retire here" talk not very long ago, led quite a bit of Mizzou fans to feel quite scorned about how everything went down. It's like a girl breaking up with you in the end; you're bitchy and snide now, but that will pass over time.

And how will he be viewed moving forward? Well, it depends on how Haith does. He'll be working with many of Anderson's guys this year, and Anderson has at least shown that this program is Elite Eight and Big 12 title worthy.

Check out the full Q&A at Arkansas Expats. Bill has a way of always looking at things through a very rational lens.