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Tyler Gabbert's Transfer Possibly Good For Missouri Tigers

It’s easy to look at the Tyler Gabbert transfer situation as a frustrating move for the Missouri Tigers. After all, competition is a good thing during spring practices, and Gabbert’s namesake certainly doesn’t hurt when thinking of the potential. Yet ESPN’s David Ubben holds a different take on the Missouri quarterback situation and believes that simplifying the situation is best for all parties involved:

For Missouri, the quarterback situation gets simplified. [James] Franklin might have to hold off incoming freshman Corbin Berkstresser this fall, but he’ll begin preseason camp with a huge lead, and I’d expect him to ingrain himself as the team’s offensive leader during voluntary workouts this summer.

Most coaches want a player to “ingrain himself” by way of beating everyone else out, not inheriting it by default. In an ideal scenario, James Franklin would play so well that the coaches have no choice but to give him the starting opportunity. He clearly outplayed Gabbert in the recent spring game, where Blaine’s brother went a brutal 8 of 22 for only 48 yards and an interception, yet Franklin’s spring performance is hardly enough to claim a spot outright at this point.

Then again, when working with a young quarterback, perhaps the lack of noise will become a positive thing and allow Franklin to settle into the position quickly. At this point, it seems there’s no choice. Gabbert has already made his, so all parties must move on.