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Former Mizzou QB Tyler Gabbert Reveals Official Interest List Of New Schools

After announcing his intentions to transfer from Missouri, quarterback Tyler Gabbert has apparently narrowed down his list of schools and are now listed in a new report from The Sporting News.

Gabbert announced his transfer after falling to No. 2 on the QB spring depth chart behind James Franklin. His 8 of 22 performance in the recent spring game didn’t help while Franklin solidified his hold on the starting spot. Gabbert’s father, Chuck, said his reps were already going down and was also the source for the list of schools:

Chuck Gabbert, the player’s father, said Tyler already is in contact with the following programs: Arizona, Arizona State, Clemson, Iowa, Louisville, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and Arkansas State.

What’s missing from that list is Nebraska, the very school that some assumed Gabbert would head to after announcing his intention to transfer. As Steve Greenberg notes, “Any talk of Gabbert, who was a redshirt freshman last season, zig-zagging back to Lincoln, Neb., is premature at best.”