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What Went Into Tyler Gabbert's Decision To Transfer?

According to Mizzou's football writer Dave Matter over at the Columbia Tribune, the Gabbert family has been mulling over Tyler Gabbert's future for awhile now and ultimately the decision became public this morning. In the end it seems to have boiled down to there being greener pastures elsewhere for the young quarterback. Tyler's father Chuck spoke about the release-

"He was in the midst of a quarterback battle," Chuck Gabbert said in a phone interview. "Nothing’s given to you, and it’s a competition. And Ty feeds on that competition. But there were other factors we’re not going to get into that Ty evaluated.

Needless it comes as shock to many that Gabbert is now leaving the program after his brother Blaine Gabbert just finished one of the most heralded college football careers ever at Missouri. Speculation of where Gabbert will end up is tough to get a grasp on at this point. Under the terms of the release, Gabbert may transfer to any school outside of the Big 12 Conference. He also must sit out the upcoming year if he were to transfer to another FBS program.

While it is still very early in the transfer process, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to wonder if the former Parkway West star looks at Louisville, where former Nebraska offensive coordinator Shawn Watson will be going into this first year leading the Cardinals' quarterbacks as QB coach. If you recall, both Blaine and Tyler were one time commits to Nebraska before both ultimately ended up deciding to go with the in-state Tigers.

If we continue to speculate, would Gabbert consider Wyoming, where former Mizzou offensive coordinator Dave Christensen is head coach? Tyler never got to work with Christensen, but obviously there are family ties in the recruiting of Blaine, whom Christensen also coached during Blaine's freshman season at Mizzou. Or perhaps Tyler's future points somewhere in the direction of Jacksonville, Florida where Blaine will be gearing up for his rookie season with the Jacksonville Jaguars. It will be interesting to see what ends up happening both for the Gabbert's, and with the Mizzou quarterback situation.

Continue to check back for more updates or visit Rock M Nation for more details as the situations continues to unfold.