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Tyler Gabbert Is Considering Fives Schools At The Moment According To His Father

Dave Matter posted in the Columbia Tribune this afternoon that apparently the Gabbert family already has five schools on their radar that the young Gabbert will take a look at as he transitions out of the program. At the moment it has been written that Tyler Gabbert is considering Arizona, Clemson, Iowa, Louisville, and Wake Forest. As stated previously, it has become apparent wide speculation that Louisville would indeed be a school Gabbert will be considering.

In terms of passing yards, the team ranked 8th, 76th, 48th,  82nd, and 112th out of 120 FBS teams last season. Missouri ranked 33rd with 253.9 yards passing per game last season.

Mizzou's new apparent starter by default, James Franklin, will likely be bringing a very different aspect at the quarterback position in comparison to what Tiger fans have become used to seeing the previous two season at Faurot Field. The 6'2" 225 lb Franklin saw action in 10 games last season completing 11-of-14 passes for 106 yds to go with one touchdown and one interception. He also gained 116 yards on the ground over 23 carries, rushing for two touchdowns. He had been recruited to Mizzou as a true dual-threat quarterback. Flashbacks of Brad Smith, anyone?