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Frank Haith's Statement About Miami Doesn't Ease Frustration Or Tension For Missouri Tigers

Fans can only hope that Haith's statement is true at the end when discussing his real character.

It's a statement as vanilla as they come, although it's also important to note that Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith has a ton of legal issues surrounding him and he's probably not privy to say anything else. Yet at the same time, the incredible sanctions likely coming against Haith's former employer at the Universitiy of Miami (Fl.) and possibly Haith himself bring clouds of drama and tension for his new program at Missouri -- and if there's any way he can dispel concerns, then he needs to take them.

Here the official statement released only confirms that he will be a part of the investigation and that he cannot speak. His hands are tied at this point, but Missouri staff, boosters, players and fans have to be concerned with the absolute mess that's playing out in the media. If he cannot speak, then hopefully soon Haith will say something to explain the situation and ease the tension surrounding the mess.

The official statement reads:

In response to a recent news article, I can confirm that the NCAA has asked to speak with me regarding the time I spent at the University of Miami. I am more than happy to cooperate with the national office on this issue and look forward to a quick resolution. The NCAA has instructed me not to comment further at this time in order to protect the integrity of their review, so I appreciate your understanding in this matter. The reports questioning my personal interactions with Mr. Shapiro are not an accurate portrayal of my character and per the above I am unable to comment further.   

At this point, Missouri athletic director Mike Alden must stand behind the man he hired. What else can he do? Nothing has been proven by anyone in any official capacity and there's a long road ahead for the University of Miami and now, consequently, for the basketball program at Mizzou. Fans can only hope that Haith's statement is true at the end when discussing his real character.