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Jacksonville Jaguars Release Of David Garrard Totally Unexpected

The response from David Garrard's agent echoed the same thing that everyone else was thinking when the Jacksonville Jaguars announced the release of the incumbent starting quarterback. It starts something like, "What in the world?"

The National Football Post's Andrew Brandt got a quick word from Garrard's agent, Al Irby, following the release and it seems that no one saw this coming, including Garrard's own camp. Brandt says via Twitter, "Asked Garrard's agent Al Irby if any hints on release: "Not one clue. All indications were he would be there. They cut their best QB."

Most would agree at this point that Garrard is, indeed, the Jags best quarterback and would disagree with Jack Del Rio's ridiculous statement that back-up Luke McCown gives the team the best chance to win. Instead of admitting that it's about the $8 million the team will save, Del Rio stakes his already short leash on the back-up quarterback and a possible franchise QB in former Mizzou Tiger Blaine Gabbert

The latter might turn into the real deal, but here's a prediction that the Jags lose any and every game McCown starts this season. There's just not enough firepower to deal with the loss.

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