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SEC Focuses On Kansas City, St. Louis Markets With Conference Tournaments

On Monday at Mizzou Arena in Columbia, SEC official Larry Templeton spoke about the possibility of Kansas City and St. Louis hosting conference basketball tournaments in the near future. According to Vahe Gregorian of, the transition conference chair also stated that the Arkansas Razorbacks might end up becoming the divisional crossover rival for the Missouri Tigers.

The SEC enjoys moving its conference basketball tournaments to new locations from year to year. Templeton's hopes that Kansas City and St. Louis would begin bidding on future tournaments were welcomed by St. Louis Sports Commission President Frank Viverito, who responded in an e-mail, as reported by Gregorian:

We would welcome the opportunity to bid on their championships, and it goes without saying that we look forward to working with Mizzou any chance we get.

We also would consider a football bowl game with an SEC tie. This opens a potential new market for St. Louis.

As far as college football, Templeton noted that the idea of a permanent cross-divisional rival is still being discussed, but that Arkansas is "on the table" as a rival for Mizzou.

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