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Ricardo Ratliffe Of Missouri Called 'Most Important College Basketball Player In America'

If it sounds like an overstatement, that's because it is an overstatement. But it's clear that ESPN's Myron Medcalf thinks highly of the Missouri Tigers basketball team and that he believes reigning Big 12 Player of the Week Ricardo Ratliffe is key to the team's success. Whether or not Ratliffe is the "most important player in America" would be difficult to prove, but the Tigers certainly know that he's vital to their chances to win the NCAA Tournament in April.

Medcalf writes, "Ricardo Ratliffe is the most important player in America. Missouri has a national-championship caliber backcourt. The Tigers have so many weapons. And they used all of them to beat Baylor Saturday. Ratliffe was dominant with 27 points, eight rebounds and two blocks. Missouri gets by on limited size because of Ratliffe’s efficiency and versatility. With Ratliffe’s prowess, the Tigers have Final Four potential. Without him, they wouldn’t be a top-10 squad. He’s that much of a difference-maker for that team. With Missouri’s limited size, he’s the most crucial player in the country."