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NFL Draft 2012: Mike Mayock Names Michael Egnew As Top Five Tight End

Michael Egnew is beginning to stand out among his peers in the upcoming tight end draft class for the 2012 NFL Draft to be held in late April. While there are many workouts, pro days, interviews and the NFL Combine between now and the actual draft weekend, Egnew’s stock is already at a solid spot for teams looking for a solid tight end addition.

Mike Mayock is the latest to give Egnew the stamp of approval, naming the Missouri Tigers product to his top five list of available TE’s. In front of Egnew, Mayock has Dwayne Allen at No. 1. Then he lists Coby Fleener, Orson Charles and Ladarius Green.

Egnew’s stock will likely be boosted by the ability of the New England Patriots to get to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has enjoyed two prominent tight ends in the line-up this year with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski as two of his primary receivers, along with Wes Welker and Deion Branch. The success of the Pats mixed with the copycat tendencies year to year of the most successful teams makes the acquisition of a strong pass catching tight end a plus in this year’s draft. That makes Egnew even more desirable.