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Missouri Football Recruiting: Dorial Green-Beckham Will Not Be Visited By Bobby Petrino, Is There Still Room For Mizzou?

It seemed that at one point the nation's No. 1 player in the country would be playing in the friendly aerial attack skies of the Arkansas Razorbacks and Pig-Sooooey nation. However, per a report it seems that Bobby Petrino has cancelled his visit of Springfield (Mo.) Hillcrest receiver Dorial Green-Beckham.

"When he was at the coaching convention in San Antonio, they bumped into each other," said Beckham who also is Green-Beckham’s foster father. "It just so happened that another school that was recruiting Dorial happened to be there that day."

Green-Beckham's coach, John Beckham said that Petrino and Green-Beckham's had an unintentional "rendezvous" earlier this month in San Antonio, Texas. This occurrence could possibly create an NCAA recruiting issue for the Razorbacks as the head coach was in town for the American Football Coaches Association convention and Green-Beckham was there for the U.S. Army All-Star Game.

The stud wideout has narrowed his school list down to Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama. His decision will be coming in the next couple of days as signing day is this weekend.

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