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Dorial Green-Beckham Tired Of Recruiting Attention Since Sophomore Season

The nation’s No. 1 recruit is going to be in the spotlight. That’s just what comes with the territory of being the best wideout in the country, but especially so when that recruit is undecided. Dorial Green-Beckham is still choosing between Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and possibly a couple others, and that being the case, there’s going to be an onslaught of attention until he makes up his mind. That day will not come, he says, until national signing day on Feb. 1.

That said, DGB says he’s been tired of all of the attention for some time. At first, a phone call from a coach like Nick Saban was an honor, but later he said it became overwhelming. Dennis Dodd got the story from the Springfield, Missouri native to describe the recruiting process.

The recruiters have tried to lure him with promises and championship rings and promises of championship rings, but the subject of their fawning has been unusually resolute for a teenager. There is no hint where he is leaning. However, there is plenty of evidence he needs a nap. Asked when it all got to be such a drag, Green-Beckham says, “Sophomore year.” That’s two years ago.

“I’ve kind of gotten tired of it,” he added. “Everybody wants to know. They’ll have to figure it out Feb. 1. I don’t tell them anything.”