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Dorial Green-Beckham Update: Missouri, Arkansas Still Uncertain As Family Tries To Calm Media Circus

Dorial Green-Beckham cannot stop the furor. He can only hope to contain it.

The frenzy over the top recruit in the country on the eve of National Signing Day — a day which DGB himself said he was going to announce his decision — is going over the top as fans and experts wonder whether the Springfield, Mo. native will choose Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas. While the family obviously understand the interest, they’re hoping to still find some semblance of peace and quiet along the way.

"We just want to keep the recruiting part as quiet as we possibly can," said John Beckham, his adoptive father.. "Obviously you can’t do that completely because people have sources everywhere. We could go on an unofficial visit to a campus and not tell a soul, but by the time we walk out the door, people know we were there and are calling us. It’s OK if things get out there, but we always just wanted to keep it as private as possible.

"This isn’t my first time going through the recruiting process, since I’m a coach. I’ve heard everything before. Everybody has been really good about respecting what our wishes are. Only a few things have gone pm, coaching wise, that we found distasteful, but it really hasn’t been that much of a problem."

DGB was rumored to go to Missouri as of yesterday with the Oklahoman’s John Hoover reporting as much from a trusted source. John Beckham insisted that wasn’t true and that the announced finalists are all still the same. It’s likely that the frenzy won’t die down until the word is official, and that will come tomorrow morning.