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Missouri Getting Beaten Badly By Kansas State At The Half

Marcus Denmon has 12 of Missouri's 25 points at the half. The Tigers are shooting only 22 percent (5-of-22) from the floor and 27 percent (3-of-11) from three-point land.

Missouri's offense is looking the worst it has all season, with only five field goals made at halftime, as they trail the Kansas State Wildcats, 44-25. The Tigers went over eight minutes without a field goal at one point in the first half.

Marcus Denmon leads the Tigers with 12 points at the half, but he hasn't got much offensive help thus far. Ricardo Ratliffe (77 percent from the field coming in) has 0 points on 0 field goal attempts and 3 turnovers.

The Tigers have tried and tried again to get to the rim but that has resulted in almost no foul calls and five blocks thus far. Frank Haith and the coaching staff have to make offensive gameplan adjustments at the half if Missouri wants to leave Manhattan with their record still unblemished.

Missouri is also having problems on defense. They have allowed a majority of Kansas State's offense to come in the paint, whether it is from slashing guards or the extreme length the Wildcats have in the post.

Kansas State shot 58 percent from the floor in the first half and have 12 assists on 17 field goals made.

Unless there are big changes in the second half for Mizzou, it doesn't look like the Tigers are going to be undefeated after this tough road test.