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SEC football schedule: 2013 changes are one-time only

SEC schools explored the possibility of changing permanent opponents, but the announcement of the "bridge" schedule today will just be for 2013 season.

Kelly Lambert

The SEC agreed to a "bridge" schedule for the 2013 season, without ruling out the possibility of future changes.

SEC commissioner Mark Womack said the 2013 schedule is a "standalone," and won't impact future scheduling decisions.

The issue of creating a long-term schedule still faces the conference, which boasts the last six national champions and has games broadcast nationally each weekend.

"We need to take a look at the best way to accomplish (a long-term schedule)," Womack said. "And work to see how we can rotate teams on and off the schedule over a 12-year period."

The SEC schedule will be 14 weeks next season and in 2014, meaning mixing two bye weeks into each team's schedule is something they'll have to work out as well.

The amount of built-in rivalries across both divisions of the conference make scheduling difficult, especially with home field advantage being in question. Womack, though, wants to maintain the integrity of the tradition of the SEC.

"I think you try to keep some of those traditional games in the dates they have traditionally been played in," he said.