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SEC Football Standings 2012: Missouri near bottom of SEC East

After another weekend of SEC football, the Missouri Tigers are still near the bottom of the SEC East.


The Missouri Tigers are not sitting at the very bottom of things in the SEC, but they are still floundering near last place. Only Tennessee and Kentucky, two teams who have yet to win a single game in conference play, are doing worse than the Tigers are in the SEC East, and only one winless team (Auburn) remains in the SEC West as well.

At the top of things, the Florida Gators got shaken up by the Georgia Bulldogs, but are still at the top of the East with a 6-1 record. The Alabama Crimson Tide, the best team in the nation, still sit at the top of the West with a 5-0 conference record.

Here are the full, most recent standings for the Southeastern Conference:

SEC East:

Florida Gators 6-1
Georgia Bulldogs 5-1
South Carolina Gamecocks 5-2
Vanderbilt Commodores 2-3
Missouri Tigers 1-4
Tennessee Volunteers 0-5
Kentucky Wildcats 0-6

SEC West:

Alabama Crimson Tide 5-0
LSU Tigers 3-1
Mississippi State Bulldogs 3-1
Texas A&M Aggies 3-2
Ole Miss Rebels 2-2
Arkansas Razorbacks 2-3
Auburn Tigers 0-6