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Video: Vanderbilt coach James Franklin discusses Missouri match-up

James Franklin is weary of Missouri's ability to take the ball away and break out on special teams.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Vanderbilt is heading to Missouri for a conference clash this weekend (SEC! SEC! SEC!) and they have a bit of an extra edge coming off of a bye week. But the Commodores didn't use their open week to put in a lot of extra work on preparing for the Tigers. It was more about getting better, and only one of their practice days from the bye week was dedicated to preparing for Missouri.

Missouri has 13 takeaways this season, the fifth-most in the country. They also have just six turnovers this season, giving them a top 15 turnover margin nationally and a major problem for the Commodores. They have just four takeaways this season and could lose this game on turnovers alone.

If that doesn't do it, Franklin thinks special teams could do it too. Marcus Murphy already had three punt returns four touchdowns and T.J. More is averaging 25 yards per kick return.