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Michael Dixon reportedly facing 2nd rape accusation

There is more trouble for former Missouri Tigers guard Michael Dixon, Jr., as a second accusation of rape has surfaced against the for the second time in just two days. This accusation stems from a 2010 University of Missouri police reportwhere the victim declined to press charges. The victim allegedly refused to press charges because of a "fear of retaliation and being ostracized by family." The student has since graduated from Missouri.

The previous accusation surfaced when a report from a previous case was closed just a few days ago. In August, Dixon was accused of raping a woman, but because of insufficient evidence, the case was closed. The woman who accused Dixon of rape had publicized on Twitter she was the reason Dixon was suspended indefinitely.

Dixon has not played in a game this season for the Tigers, as he was suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules on Oct. 26. Dixon's appeal of the suspension will ruled upon by University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.