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T.J. Moe maintains 'great attitude' despite lack of touches

Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel spoke about senior wide receiver T.J. Moe's lack of catches during his Monday press conference.

Jamie Squire

The Missouri Tigers offense has stumbled a bit during the 2012 season, with their 33-10 win over Kentucky the only time all year that they put up more than 24 points against an FBS opponent all year. Senior wide receiver T.J. Moe has been one of the less effective members of that offense, picking up only 13 catches in his last six games.

During his Monday press conference, Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel spoke about the lack of touches that Moe had been getting going into the game against Tennessee over the weekend:

"Well, we've had trouble throwing the football, that's pretty obvious. Last week we threw it a little bit more, we had good time of possession last week, too, which is a little bit different. But, whoever doesn't get the ball, I get quizzed. Dorial's getting the ball, now I'm skipping TJ. We want to give all the guys the ball. The defense dictates where the ball goes a lot of times, so we might call his number four or five times, and he may only get it one of those times or none of those times. He remains very positive, he's got a great attitude, he's a great kid."

In that same press conference, Moe spoke but didn't have much to say about the situation regarding how few touches he had been getting. Instead, he focused more on the team's effort in getting ready for the Volunteers, saying, "We are just working hard. It's more just studying the game plan, studying all the stuff we have going on every day and find a way to get better."