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Mel Kiper names Sheldon Richardson at No. 12 on NFL Draft Big Board

Missouri defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is currently 12th on draft guru Mel Kiper's Big Board.


Junior defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson of the Missouri Tigers came in at 12th overall on ESPN draft expert Melp Kiper's NFL Draft Big Board, which was released on Wednesday (ESPN Insider access needed to view entire article).

Richardson, according to Kiper's film analysis, lives up to his scouting reports. Kiper believes Richardson has the versatility to play in multiple defensive NFL systems, and that his level of effort is a major factor for this. Additionally, his quickness and ability to use his hands in shedding blockers, as well as his willingness to go head-on with an offensive lineman rather than simply going around, are other traits that Kiper believes will translate very well at the next level.

Further, Kiper believes Richardson's ability to disrupt activity in the backfield, as he finds both the quarterback and the ball very well, are also qualities that make him a high-level prospect.

The NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, April 25 and concludes on Saturday, April 27 in 2013.