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Jabari Brown brings scoring need to Missouri basketball

Jabari Brown will make his debut on Monday night for the Tigers, and could bring the defense-stretching shots that they need to the court.

Joe Robbins

Jabari Brown is expected to make his debut for the Missouri Tigers basketball team on Monday night against South Carolina State. The solid shooter played only 51 minutes during his time at Oregon and since transferring to Mizzou, had waited on the bench for his chance to get into the game.

Brown is a great three-point shooter, putting up 23.8 points and 4.1 rebounds per game in his senior year of high school, and quite a few of those points came from beyond the arc. He should add the extra bite the Missouri offense has needed this season.

Coach Frank Haith made note of their need to stretch defenses out. "That is a need of ours," according to Haith, "having somebody out there that can continue stretching the defense and help out our cohesiveness on the offensive end."

How many minutes Brown will play is an unknown, but he's expected to be a swingman on the court. "They want me to do everything," he said.

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