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Missouri basketball players speak after Michael Dixon, Jr. transfer

After sexual assault allegations surfaced and fueled the senior guard's decision to transfer, Michael Dixon's teammates are speaking out.

Jamie Squire

The Missouri Tigers are ready to move on without Michael Dixon, Jr. after the senior guard announced that he would transfer from the university last week after after sexual assault allegations surfaced.

Via The Maneater, Mizzou's student paper:

"I feel like people look at him and think, ‘You've done it before. What will stop you from doing it again?'" freshman Jummy Akala said. "He disrespected the university who put trust in him, and he's not being grateful."

The one-time Kansas City prep star was accused of sexual assault by a female student during a Twitter exchange with former Tigers guard Kim English, and copies of a police report filed in August by the same woman were made public last week. It was also reveal that Dixon was under police investigation as long ago as January of 2010.

Concerns and questions have arisen about how and why a Tigers basketball player was able to participate in athletics without punishment for over two years, given the gravity of the allegations.

"I think (MU) handled it appropriately," sophomore Clayton Armfield told The Maneater. "Rape isn't really a joke, and getting accused of it, especially for the second time since he's been here ... I think it was a fair process."