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Dorial Green-Beckham Is 'Best Wide Receiver To Come Out Of High School In Years'

The headline above is no small statement. While media clips are generally designed to inflate or deflate in exaggerated measure, it’s hard to argue that Dorial Green-Beckham is not the best wide receiver not only in this class but over the last few classes. He set high school season and career receiving records all along the way in Springfield, Missouri, so some team is going to find an instant impact on the field whenever he arrives. It’s just a matter of which school he will choose.

The quote above came from, who describes DGB accordingly: “All of the athletic tools a coach looks for in a wide receiver prospect. Most taller receivers are deep receivers, fade guys who can out body and out jump smaller defenders, etc, but what sets Green-Beckham apart is that he can not only do those things, but he can do things smaller receivers do as well. He is a very good open field runner who can take short passes and turn them into big plays. May be the best receiver to come out in years.”

DGB will announce his decision in just about an hour at 9:15am CT.