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Dorial Green-Beckham Proves Missouri Tigers Can Recruit With SEC's Finest, Brings Out Worst In SEC Fans

The Missouri Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies are being watched closely as they leave the Big 12 and head to the SEC for multiple reasons. They are largely unknown quantities for SEC fans who wonder just how good (or bad) they will be. Will they become new powers for current teams to overcome? Will they languish like Kentucky and Ole Miss? That will largely depend on how well they can recruit in their new environment. So far, so good for Missouri.

Gary Pinkel had to be ecstatic when he watched the feed of Dorial Green-Beckham placing a MIZZOU hat upon his head at the announcement today at Hillcrest in Springfield, Missouri. DGB was the best wide receiver recruit this year and he’s the type of impact receiver that Oklahoma State has enjoyed for the last few years in Justin Blackmon. Talents like this come along very rarely, so this is a major commit for Pinkel’s staff.

More importantly, it sends a sign to the rest of the SEC that Missouri is real. One look at DGB’s Twitter feed shows numerous college football fans hurling insults and cursing him for not choosing their particular school. In the process many are dogging Missouri. Yet if you think many people are doing the same to Ole Miss, Vanderbilt or Kentucky… well, you get the point. The emotions are coming out because there’s a fear in play — whethey they will admit it or not.

DGB changes the landscape as Missouri proves it can not only host top shelf talent but lure it in for the final commitment as well. In short, if Green-Beckham wants to be a part of the Missouri offense, many more will as well.

“Green-Beckham was easily the best player in Missouri, and could develop into a truly transcendent talent,” writes David Ubben. “What do transcendent talents do? Attract even more talent. DGB may become one of Missouri’s most valuable recruiters, both symbolically and literally, when top recruits make future visits to Columbia’s campus. DGB came. Why can’t future top recruits?”

It’s that last question that Missouri fans are happy about, but it’s also the reason other SEC fans turn nasty. Missouri is a real player in their new home. Like it or not, here they come.