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PHOTO: You're Doing This SEC Thing Right, Missouri

Speed country's watching your attitude, Mizzou, and they're likin' it, feelin' it - The Tigers are boasting for no particular reason at all around the highways and byways of the SEC's nerve center (that's Birmingham, FYI. It's OK, keep this "hints" option checked for a few more months, Tiger fans):


The only thing you're missing? Animosity towards a partner school within the conference, be it clumsily veiled or outright animosity. But for your first foray into the billboard wars, we'll give you a "B+," mainly because you've paid out of pocket to be put the words "SEC" and "pride" in very large letters next to your school logo. Screw book learning, that's masters-level branding.

Hey, y'all over done some "art" on an overpass? We can get you up to speed there, too.

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