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Mizzou Coach Frank Haith Assisting With Miami Probe

The Miami Hurricanes athletics department has had a bevy of accusations aimed at them in the past couple of years. They are currently under investigation by the NCAA once again for allegedly offering impermissible travel benefits to one of the players on the men's basketball team. Missouri Tigers head coach Frank Haith, who was the coach for Miami from 2004-2011, has been assisting the NCAA with their investigation.

The Associated Press reports that Haith is helping with the probe, but isn't eager to discuss details.

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On Monday, Haith declined to directly answer a question about the latest allegations to rock Miami, even as he offered sympathy for his former player and tried to steer their conversation back to his new school.

"We're doing some great things here at Missouri," he said. "We're cooperating with the NCAA fully. I'll just be glad when this thing's over with."

Haith has had to deal with plenty of questions about conduct at Miami ever since leaving the school, but he has done a fine job so far guiding the Mizzou men's team.

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