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NFL Draft 2012: Mizzou's Jacquies Smith Ready To Impact NFL With Balance, Versatility

Missouri's Jacquies Smith is known for his pass rushing skills, but as he heads into the 2012 NFL Draft, it's clear he wants to prove he can do all things well. Given that Missouri just sent Aldon Smith into the draft last season and he exploded for a rookie record for sacks, NFL personnel will be paying attention to the next hybrid DE/OLB that Mizzou wants to send into the league.

When asked what scouts might miss about him, Smith told Bo Marchionte, ""I'm a very balanced player a lot of guys who accumulate a lot of sacks they're out there basically to just get sacks. But I think I'm very smart and very balanced type player and I study a lot of film and you can see that on film with some of the plays that I make. Breaking up a screen pass and things of that nature."

Marchionte runs College 2 Pro and believes he will be a success at the pro level. He writes, "Closes fast on the ball. Explosive off the snap. Physically strong and also has natural snap and explosion. Can show a better job of taking on blockers. Undersized. Rushes the passer and chases down plays. Looks like a situational pass rusher in 4-3 defense or a pass rushing linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Relentless football player with great intangibles."