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Missouri's Frank Haith Says He 'Hurts For Seniors' After Early NCAA Tournament Exit

The Missouri Tigers were seeded too low. That was the commonly held belief after the 30-win Tigers and Big 12 Conference Tournament champs were placed at a No. 2 seed below the Michigan State Spartans. Expectations were high for Missouri and many had them going to New Orleans to make a Final Four run. Even President Obama predicted the same.

But reality was hard for the Missouri Tigers yesterday as Frank Haith’s magical run came to an abrupt end after the team ran into the No. 15 seeded Norfolk State. With the upset loss, Haith’s team fell out of the team in the first round and must head home with the pain dashed expectations.

“We had higher expectations for ourselves, and there is really nothing to say when you come out and you don’t perform,” said Missouri senior guard Marcus Denmon, who scored 20. the way you perform. We gave up 86 points … You can’t win a game giving up 86 points."

Frank Haith said that he hurts for the seniors who have end their career on this note after such an incredible season.

“I’m very disappointed, as everyone in that locker room was,” Missouri coach Frank Haith said. “I hurt for those seniors because they put so much into this. They had high expectations as we came into this season, but let’s understand one thing – they had a hell of a year.”

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