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Frank Haith Earns NCAA Tournament 'Loser' Status From Yahoo Sports

Yahoo's Pat Forde has a roundup of the weekend's winners and losers in the NCAA Tournament, and not surprisingly, Mizzou's Frank Haith is on the less flattering side of matters. With a conference change, looming NCAA inquiries and a huge roster turnover heading into the offseason, there's suddenly a lot of confusion around the Tigers:

Loser: Frank Haith. After a brilliant debut season in Columbia, Haith presided over a horrific ending - a loss to Norfolk State that ranks among the biggest upsets in tournament history. It only got worse when Norfolk proceeded to lose to Florida by 34 points.

And it will continue to get worse when Haith faces life without the five seniors who were in his seven-man rotation. Not to mention when he faces the NCAA enforcement music about potential violations on his watch while the coach at Miami. Nobody knows what Missouri basketball will look like when the 2012-13 season tips off.

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